Life Balances, developed by John L. Kitkoski, takes the guesswork out of supplementation. The Program is based on established, scientific principles and repeatable chemical laws.

The Life Balances Program Kit provides the vitamins, minerals and electrolytes missing from your regular diet. By following the Kit 'rules' you get only the supplements you need, avoiding excess supplementation that can create biochemical imbalances and toxicity.

The Life Balances Program Kit consists of three sections:

  1. Smell Sensitive Supplements
  2. Electrolytes
  3. Minerals

These three sections work together to provide a truly comprehensive program of supplementation based upon your individual needs.

Section 1: The Smell Sensitive Supplement™ Kit

The Smell Sensitive Supplement™ Kit contains 20 smell-sensitive vitamins and minerals in an order that relates to olfactory protocols and absorption of specific vitamins and minerals. The supplements are formulated with specific buffers that optimize absorption.

Smell Sensitive Supplement Kit Contents
# 1: Vitamin A #11: Calcium
# 2: Vitamin B-1 #12: Folic Acid
# 3: Vitamin B-2 #13: Betaine HCL w/Pepsin
# 4: Vitamin B-6 #14: Inositol
# 5: Vitamin B-12 #15: Iron
# 6: Vitamin C #16: Magnesium
# 7: Vitamin D #17: Niacin
# 8: Vitamin E #18: PABA
# 9: Biotin #19: Pantothenic Acid
#10: Choline #20: Ammonium Chloride
No artificial colors, flavorings, sugar or preservatives

'Smell Sensitive' means each person can determine which supplement to take by smell. Those that smell good to mild indicate the body has a need for that supplement. Those that smell bad indicate the body has an adequate or excess amount.

It's no accident the nose is located right above the mouth! Have you ever put your nose in a carton of milk or smelled a piece of meat to determine if it's safe to eat? Your senses of taste and smell are the fundamental tools that guide you to what is safe and what your body needs. The sense of smell is a complex process involving the olfactory receptors and various parts of the brain. The olfactory receptors act like electron probes signaling to the brain what the body needs or needs to avoid.

Section 2: The Electrolytes

Life Balances Electrolyte Replacement is the only balanced, isotonic oral electrolyte on the market today. This milliequivalent formula will provide electrolytes without upsetting the body's mineral balance or adding carbohydrate calories.

Life Balances Electrolyte Replacements are offered in three formulas - Red Label, Green Label and Blue Label

Electrolyte Replacement Contents
Potassium Chloride
Sodium Bicarbonate
Phosphorous Magnesium
All in a sterile, aqueous solution
No artificial colors, flavorings, sugar or preservatives

Green Label Electrolyte Replacement contains normal electrolyte ratios and is appropriate for those who have normal ratios of sodium and potassium and have normal blood pressure.

Blue Label Electrolyte Replacement contains a higher level of sodium and is appropriate for those who have low levels of sodium and may have low blood pressure.

Red Label Electrolyte Replacement contains a higher level of potassium and is appropriate for those who have low levels of potassium and may have high blood pressure.

Electrolytes provide the electrical charge that keeps the heart, muscles, and nervous system working properly. Diet, climate, stress, exercise, illness, and medications all impact electrolyte levels. Common signs of electrolyte imbalances are low or high blood pressure, fatigue, circulation problems, illness and disease.

Once electrolyte balance is lost, drinking plain water won't help! Drinking plain water will dilute electrolytes or create greater electrolyte imbalances. Mineral water contains a variety of minerals that can further skew the imbalance of electrolytes. 'Sports' drinks provide mostly carbohydrates, not electrolytes.

Section 3: The Mineral Kit

The Mineral Kit consists of six two-ounce bottles of liquid mineral compounds. These formulations are based upon the availability of minerals in the food supply and how minerals are utilized in the body.

Mineral Kit Contents
Mineral #1:
Potassium Phosphate
Mineral #4:
Copper Sulfate
Mineral #2:
Zinc Sulfate
Mineral #5:
Potassium Chromate
Mineral #3:
Magnesium Chloride
Mineral #6:
Manganese Gluconate
All in a sterile, aqueous solution
No artificial colors, flavorings, sugar or preservatives

The Mineral Kit, when used properly, improves the concentration of minerals in the body without creating deficiencies and excesses.

Minerals are elements found in all tissues and body fluid. Minerals are involved in all body processes such as syntheses of fatty acids and cholesterol, proper bone development, maintenance of nerves and brain, production of hormones and proper insulin regulation and liver function. Minerals support the immune system, promote healthy hair, skin and nails and help combat stress.

Mineral imbalances can lead to many illnesses, diseases, and other health disorders (e.g. anemia, macular degeneration).

Poor dietary habits contribute to mineral imbalances. Adding mineral supplements without knowledge of ratios and individual needs can compound these imbalances.

The products are manufactured by Electrolyte, LLC in Spokane, Washington. Electrolyte, LLC is the sole company authorized to use and manufacture the original formulas created by John L. Kitkoski.