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Whether you are speaking about plants, animals, or humans, electrolytes are essential for the existence of life. They provide the means, when combined with proper circulation and balanced body chemistry, to maintain proper blood pressure, circulate nutrients, and rebuild damaged tissues and expedite waste from the body, including our lymphatic circulatory system.

Electrolytes in the body are minerals such as sodium, potassium, chloride etc. that are dissolved in the blood. When the electrolytes are dissolved they break apart into charged particles called ions. The ions carry either a negative or positive charge. These charged particles create electricity (much like a common battery) that help run the bodies of animals and humans.

Electrolytes are the basis of good health because they are used in the maintenance and repair of all tissue, the utilization of amino acids (cells and tissue "building blocks"), and as the basis of every physical and neurological function. They maintain osmotic equilibrium of our cell walls and the internal water balance that enables muscles and nerves to contract and expand, and wounds to heal. They are also essential for growth and development of the bones as well as the organs.

Electrolytes are responsible for carrying minerals and amino acids to all points of the body. The pH (the measure of acidity or alkalinity) of the body is regulated by the electrolytes. Without electrolyte balance (homeostasis) the body may be in a disease state, nutrient deficient and vulnerable to disease.

Electrolytes help to chelate toxic and inorganic minerals out of the body before they cause damage, and they also assist in the absorption of minerals into the cells where the body can use them.

Electrolytes are the primary factors for cell and immune system health. They keep cell membranes strong, raise their osmotic pressure, so that no virus or bacteria can enter, and maintain correct pH in intracellular fluid so that invading organisms cannot survive.

Healthy cells are kept round by osmotic pressure or osmotic equilibrium -- an opposing fluid pressure between the inside of the cell and on the outside of the cell. It is a critical balance and protects the autoimmune system.

It's time for scientists to realize that there is something deeper in man that has to be cared for. We cannot heal a person through symptomatic relief. We must go to the root of the problem -- to the cell itself -- where electrolytes are at working giving life. It is here that real healing can begin.

Electrolytes supply the spark to cells. They are not fuel that is burned to provide power. Rather, like a spark in a car engine, they are the electric fire that ignites every chemical reaction in a cell. They deliver electrons where needed for reactions, and store charges between events.

Too much positive charge from acids (+) creates and inability to circulate electrons. Excess anions (-) of an alkaline state will overcharge a cell or organism.

Life is a balancing act, so most biological processes need neutral -- or slightly alkaline pH to assure a steady supply of electrons. Our blood remains very close to 7.45 pH, and if it changes by .1, we can die. Electrolytes not only help restore neutral pH balance, they also act as buffers that resist any change in pH.

A "neutral factor" means if we eat something that is too acid or alkaline, our body can prevent a change in pH. A healthy body with electrolytes will temporarily neutralize these extremes. Electrolytes that contain bicarbonates, create neutral factor to buffer body fluids and neutralize anions and cations if positive or negative charge is too strong."

A cell's most critical chore is to maintain the integrity of the cell membrane -- the inner-outer pressure balance at a cell wall to separate cell from not-cell. This double layer of lipids is in constant motion, fed by electrolytes. A strong membrane is a cell's first line of defense -- the front-line of the immune system. Without electrolytes, this barrier can not be sustained, weakens, and a virus or bacteria can invade the cell.

Electrolytes are key catalysts in thousands of enzymes needed by the cells to make amino acids, proteins, and other organic molecules. When electrolytes form, they generate more electro-chemical activity, attract more minerals, capture more charge. Charge control is the key to enzymes that allow biochemical reactions to occur rapidly, selectively, precisely. Zinc, for one, is used in over 20 enzyme systems.

For example, the pancreas produces enzymes and acids to break food down in digestion. Drinking electrolytes 30 minutes before a meal moistens and recharges soft tissues lining the digestive tract. Then, when you eat, membranes and micro-organisms are ready to digest and absorb food. But further, electrolytes supply the pancreas new ions to make more digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid.

Electrolytes are also critical to nerves-both individually, and collective coordination of the entire nervous system. Nerve impulses are transmitted as an exchange of sodium and potassium ions at the nerve membrane and through the nerve synapse centers. Nerve membrane is encased in long tendrils of protein with a calcium ion attached at the end of each strand. Without this impulse of ion fire, there can be no taste, no smell, no sight, no sensation, no awareness.

Hormones, vitamins and enzymes which activate, regulate and synchronize nerve action all require a mineral ion as key element in their reactive structure, and for their synthesis. For one, cobalt is needed by the pineal gland to make melatonin, the hormone which regulates neurologic function to determine the level of sleep or wakefulness.

This touches only a few of the many profound, essential roles of electrolytes in blood chemistry, cell biology, human physiology, and brain psychology. Electrolytes are the key to unlock energy flow in a cell. They strike the sparks of electric fire that make life happen.

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